WindStax® Wind Power Systems is a full-service wind energy company. We design and manufacture our own unique brand of large vertical axis turbines and microgrid power systems for off-grid, grid-tied, and supplemental power requirements. WindStax® Wind Power Systems incorporates many industry firsts – including ZeroFirst™, a high-performance and reliable green energy system that is easy to own and operate.

Alternative Energy

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We approach alternative wind energy in several very unique ways with fresh ideas...

WindStax 20 Fabrication

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WindStax ZeroFirst™ uses wind energy as the primary power source with utilities as a backup ...

WindStax ZeroFirst Technology

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WindStax alternative energy systems may be in your future. Got questions? We have answers...

WindStax 40 Lift

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WindStax microgrids manage, store, and release wind energy on demand. Short videos explain it best ...

WindStax Videos

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