Businesses are adopting sustainable energy faster than ever. In 2017 we intend to make the greatest positive environmental impact possible, so we are focusing on commercial and industrial projects this year. If you have an exceptionally large home or energy demand, tell us about it and we will consider it.


Alternative Energy Done Differently

  • 1. WindStax® systems are smart. They utilize wind energy captured and stored in their battery systems first, only reverting to utility power if the wind cannot keep up with demand. Once charged, they revert back to green energy. In that way you use green and free power first and utility power as back up. ZeroFirst. Clever.
  • 2. WindStax® has power on demand. The batteries store up to several days of energy using an advanced power management system. The electricity is 120/240V AC or 12/24V/48V DC. We also have high voltage DC options. The electricity is cleaner and more reliable than most utilities and can run everything from your furnace or air conditioner to sensitive electronics.
  • 3. WindStax® require no assembly. Each unit arrives fully assembled with the control systems ready to wire in. They do not require complex footings and foundations. High-performance batteries are in our microgrids are safe, spill proof and 100% maintenance free.
  • 4. WindStax® are non-directional and needs little wind to start operating. That means the turbine works in ever-changing wind directions with speeds as low as 5 miles per hour. The unique low-rpm, high-torque rotor design continues to work safely in high wind speeds that force traditional wind turbines to shut down. Generally, annual average wind speeds of 10 mph or works great.
  • 5. WindStax® are friendly to the environment. The generators have a small footprint, they are nearly silent and avian friendly. There have been no documented cases of bird, bat, or even bug kills with vertical axis turbines.
  • 6. WindStax® are friendly to your neighbors. The generators are silent, safe, and, frankly, beautiful. Their design blends into their surroundings while providing good, clean, and free electricity.
  • 7. WindStax® are government friendly. The units can be installed anywhere with a good wind approach. Most municipal zoning begins with regulations of towers and wind turbines above 60’. As equipment, they are not considered a permanent structure under most zoning regulations.
  • 8. WindStax® are portable. With little effort, the generators can be moved across the property or across the country. The WindStax 20 weighs between 1200-2400 pounds depending on the configuration. All WindStax generators fit within the confines of standard ISO shipping containers, keeping shipping costs reasonable.
  • 19. WindStax® are sustainable. The rotor is built using renewable material in a proprietary manufacturing process. All materials including the tower are lightweight, highly resilient, and strong. We care about our workers too so we use strive for low VOCs in the manufacturing process. WindStax use low carbon footprint materials, fasteners, components, and fabrication methods on a mission to achieve LEED, SCAQMD, CARB specifications and VOC compliance.
  • 10. WindStax® are reliable. Traditional horizontal axis wind turbines are complex machines comprised of thousands of components that involve an extensive international supply chain. WindStax uses a small fraction of that many components and has only three moving parts – and WindStax are made in the USA.